T H E   A Q A E R

Finally, the dreadful year 2020 comes to a closing and I have decided to start off 2021 with a bang by releasing some fresh tunes.

4 months in the works, The Aqaer is a 6-track EP and a throwback to my iconic Electro style. Not only does it include 3 fantastic Electro bangers, but also an Orchestral intro and 2 other smaller bonus tracks. Be prepared, for The Aqaer have arrived.


D I E   W I T H   Y O U   R E M I X

In August 2020 FiXT opened a remix competition for a track from The Anix's new album Graphite. I am a big fan of The Anix, so I decided to have a go at remixing the track, named "Die With You".

With all the new knowledge I acquired during the year long break in which I made How it Began, I tried to make this remix as good as I could. I completely redid most parts a couple of times, and kept reworking the sound design. After about 14 iterations of redoing, mixing and mastering this remix I decided to finally submit it to the contest.

A couple days later, still days before the deadline, I got a message telling me that they already decided my remix would be in the official remix compilation album! And, when the deadline hit, I saw a tweet in my feed, telling me that I was 1st place!!

Go check out the remix here!

H O W   I T   B E G A N

In 2019 I decided to stop releasing music, I wanted to focus on improving my style, quality and creativity. In the year long break that followed I switched DAWs, reworked my workflow and tried out a bunch of new genres. Then, after a large amount of demos and planning, this new album popped out: How it Began. Featuring mostly DnB tracks, but also some other genres here and there. I have worked hard to deliver this LP. It features some of my best work to date! I hope you enjoy because this is How it Began.